Tuesday, 15 March 2011


TLA Students

As I've noted in my previous e-mails, as well as personal conversations with some of you and/or your parents, PLEASE make sure that your assignments are handed in on time to avoid mark deductions. I still have assignments outstanding from a few students that need to be handed in by the next class.

There are also two other items that should be addressed:

1. Please hand in questions/comments for each reading on a separate document (which, of course, could be more than one page depending on the length of your questions/comments). For example, if you haven't handed in your questions/comments for three weeks, please do not include them all in the same document; they should be in three separate documents, titled with the reading to which they refer (ie. Till We Have Faces - Book II, etc.).

2. Some students are handing in either more or less questions than they are required to write for each week. If you wish to hand in more, that is wonderful, but for the students who are submitting less than the required amount, please remember that for grade 8-9 you need to have 2-3 questions/comments and for grade 10-12 you need to have 3 questions/comments per week (reading).

Thank you for your cooperation!

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